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Black Hack (Cyber) Bestiary

Way back when I reviewed The Black Hack Cyber-Hacked, one of my (few) disappointments with the system was its short "bestiary" - just the usual gutterpunk suspects.

Well, there's a simple solution to that.

Lurking below are over fifty new antagonists for a Cyber-Hacked, Mirrorshades or modern-day Black Hack game, giving the player characters targets to shoot from the blood soaked streets to the ash-coated wastelands. Not just criminals and cops and cartel soldiers 'neither - there are some surprises down the list!

I couldn't resist putting in (entire sentences of) fluff into this table, nor pretty-ing up this post with pictures. If you want a google-doc in the usual Black Hack format, unpolluted by images or unnecessary ink-draining descriptive words, there's a link at the bottom of the post.

A couple of the entries here use rules from David Black's Additional Things PDF, available free on his blog here, most notably the Panic! rule.

Black Bagger: a corporate spook, a government kidnapper, a paranoid fantasy.
3 HD
Pistol (2d4), electronic B&E tools, thermoptic camo (disadvantage to detect), Cyber-Optics, Cyber-Audio
Bounty Hunter: hunting your contacts down one by one.
4 HD 6 AP
Pistol (1D10), taser (CON test vs 1d4 rounds stun), tracking device, flashbangs (con test vs disadvantage on all tests 1d4 rounds), hand-cuffs, gas mask with in-built NVG, Cybernetic Grappling Hand, range truck, custom armour
Bubblegum Knight: neon super-vigilantes chase down hi-tech threats to society (like you), while looking super fabulous (I've never watched Bubblegum Crisis).
6 HD 10 AP
Hardsuit (AP10 articulated armour suit, with Knuckle Bombs (2d12, 2 uses), Laser Sword (2d8), Pulse Laser (2d8), full suite of visual and audio options, no disadvantage for running in high heels), high performance motorbike, preposterous/wonderful pop star costume, mic
Cartel Witch: the heady atmosphere of casual violence, superstition and religious fervour pervading Cartel culture inculcates a particular terrifying brand of esper. 
4 HD 4 AP
Machete (2d6), kevlar vest, ritual components, level three psychic powers: Hold Person, Terrify, Silence, Darkvision. Can cast Enhance and Cure Light Wounds as rituals if provided with the right cocktail of drugs, blood and ritual components
Chipped Serial Killer: a sabotaged skill chip or a black market personality reboot can turn an ordinary person into a terrifying, remorseless killer.
4 HD 2 AP
Fire axe (1d10), tranq pistol (1d6, CON test vs paralysis), Chip Socket, stab proof vest, advantage to strength tests, immune to most mind-affecting and charisma effects. Human victims must test vs Panic! upon first seeing the serial killer's eyes
Chipped Triad: the right skill chips can turn any teenage wannabe into something straight out of a Hong Kong martial arts flick. Almost, anyway.
2 HD 4 AP (Dodge)
Butterfly swords (2d4, two attacks), submachine gun (d6), d3 cyberware items, Chip Socket
Corporate Bodyguard: standing between you and the hostile extraction target.
4 HD 4 AP
Pistol (1D10), expensive taser gloves (unarmed attack, CON test vs 1d4 rounds stun), expensive armoured suit, iShades with visual enhancements, Cyber-Audio
Coyote: it seems like new walls rise every day - mental, physical, national, commercial. Good business for skilled blockade runners; their skills always come at a price.
2 HD 4 AP
Night-scoped rifle (2d6), electro-prod (1d4, CON save vs paralysis) range truck with search light and night vision windscreen, binoculars, flash-light, armoured thermoptic camo (advantage to stealth tests) with kevlar inlays
Coywolf: increasing numbers of feral coyote-wolf hybrids prowl the desiccated high plains, desperate for ecogee meat.
1 HD
Teeth and Claws (1d6). Gains another 1d6 if one or more other coywolves are attacking the same target
Crom Cultist: a few slabs of grafted muscle and black hair extensions freely available in any salon can turn the lankiest nerd into Conan the neo-Barbarian.
3 HD 1 AP
Carbon Steel Claymore (2d4 - two handed), Sub-machine gun (2d4), biker jacket, Dermal Weave Flesh, Bone Enhancement, 2x doses of +1 Str drug
Death Squad Paramilitary: when corporations, governments or the DEA want someone dead in the slums, they send in their latter days Contras.
2 HD 4 AP
Sub-machine gun (d6), machete (d6), binoculars, kevlar vest, NVG night-scope, lots of drugs, Adrenal Enhancement. Squad may have flamethrower (2d6, dex test vs catching fire), Humvee or aggressively ordinary sedan with AP4 bullet proof windows
Dolphin Prophet: the rumours about the underwater research lab were true. 
2 HD
Unarmed attack (1d6), advantage against landlubbers in water. Level four psychic powers: Clairvoyance, Sleep, Feeblemind, Telepathy, Screech (as Mental Blast)
Droog: those crazy nadsat spouting teens, spent too much time in the milk bar listening to classical music.
2 HD
Big stick (d6), fancy hat, advantage on melee attacks against enemies with lower HD.
Exterminator: someone has to deal with the sewer-gators.
1 HD 1 AP
Shotgun (d4) with bean-bags (d4, CON save vs d4 rounds stun), hardy work-wear with head-mounted flashlight, rebreather, unnecessarily loud motion-sensor, tool kit, small but vicious enhanced dog (HD2, AP1, teeth (d6) )
Feral Child: whether Area Boys in Lagos or Corner Boys in New York, syndicates and armies are always willing to exploit lost children. Meanwhile, gangs of dispossessed kids struggle for what they can take to survive.
1 HD
Knife (d4), d3 doses of random combat drug. Depending on local circumstance, may have rifle (d4) or kevlar vest (AP2)

Continued below the jump! Juicers! Cyborgs! Things that should not be!

Go-Ganger: Bosozoku? Hells Angels? Bikies? 

1 HD 4 AP
Chain (1d4, can be used as two handed), Sub-machine Gun (1d4), heavy biker wear and helmet. Brightly painted bike (once per chase, force disadvantage on a DEX roll)
Go-Gang Road Khan: for the Go Ganger with delusions of grandeur, a brief tour of Wikipedia provides a wealth of disjointed historical inspiration for their personal growth.
5 HD 4 AP
Katana (d12), magnum pistol (1d12), heavy biker wear, Sashimono, Cybernetic Arms, Cybernetic Eyes. Enhanced motorcycle (once per chase, force disadvantage on a DEX roll)
Guerrilla: To the future we will take an oath/ like springing tigers we encircle the cities/ our home is the undergrowth...
1 HD 2 AP
Automatic Rifle (D6), 3x IEDs (take 3 rounds to deploy, D12 damage to anyone caught within blast), armour vest, beret, wilderness survival gear
Grizzled Chiba Bartender: ageing veteran of Neo-Tokyo's night life won't tolerate your crap at this hour.
2 HD
East German Cyberarm, bean-bag gun (1d4 + CON test vs stun), metal bar (1d4)
Grolar Bear: Global warming created the grizzly-polar hybrids, and now the pizzly bears are coming south for revenge (also garbage to nuzzle through). For the love of whichever gods (or whatever) you believe in, don't let them eat a super-soldier serum.
5 HD
2 Claw attacks (1d4) + if both hit hug for extra 1d10 damage.  Low light vision
Illuminated Templar: when the Conspiracy (Incorporated) needs to deal with mentalist opponents, they send for their mysterious assassins. 
6 HD 4 AP
Smart Pistol (1d6 + 1d8), Mono-Katana (1d6 + 1d8 - two handed - ignores two points of armour), exquisite suit tailored around body armour, anti-flash mirrorshades. Level six psychic powers: Confusion, Mental Blast, Mind Control, Thought Blocker, Shield, Silence
Juicer: why replace your meaty parts with cyberware when you can have different cyberware pump them full of performance enhancing drugs instead? Why, indeed?
4 HD 4 AP
Axe (2x attacks 1d10), Shotgun (1d10), visually complicated armour, implanted Juicer Rig: when activated, gains Advantage on all rolls for 2 rounds, followed by Disadvantage on all rolls for 2 rounds. The rig cannot be activated during this come-down
Luchadore: who says pageantry and honour have no place in the modern world? Who says nobody will stand up for common folk? Who says no-one will wear that cape?
4 HD
Fists (2x attacks 1d10, or 1x attack as two handed weapon), mask, shiny leggings, sparkly cape, Once per combat can regenerate d6 HP. Immune to mind control effects. Takes half damage from guns
Luddite: Why; our backs are now against the wall/ Listen all of y'all it's a sabotage...
1 HD 1 AP
Metal Wrench (1d4), 3x Molotov Cocktails (1d4 - dex save against catching fire), heavy work-wear, Advantage on attacks and damage against machines, drones, synthetics etc

Mnemonic Courier: the last secure way to move information is for a man of great charisma and limited facial expression to physically convey it secure in his electronic brain-meat.
5 HD 4 AP
Smart Pistol w/Targeting System (2x attacks 1d12), AP as per Martial Artist's Dodge ability, tailored suit, Chameleon Skin Weave, Computer Brain, Emotion Suppressor, Implanted Data Storage Device (allows data to be encoded and stored)
Nazi Punk: Nazi punks, nazi punks, nazi punks FUCK OFF/ Nazi punks, nazi punks, nazi punks FUCK OFF!
2 HD
Heavy Metal Club (d6) or Automatic Rifle (d6), one piece of random cyberware, no hair, jackboots, Disadvantage on INT checks and tests vs mind control effects
Nihilistic Techno-Fetishist: "Chaos, Mr. Who," Lupus Yonderboy said. "That is our mode and modus. That is our central kick."
2 HD 4 AP
Sub-Machine Gun (d6), 2x EMP Grenade (CON save vs failure of all cyberware), Hallucinogen Grenade (target must immediately make Reaction roll against own faction), Computer Brain, Enhanced Chip Socket (Disadvantage to INT saves), Adrenal Enhancement, Chameleon Skin Weave, Chameleon Armour Vest
Organ-Legger: a baby boomer needs a new liver, and yours smells fine.
2 HD
Bonesaw (1d6), Taser (CON test or stunned for 1d4 rounds), heavy overcoat, Filtration System, Enhanced Immunity, Pheromones, Chameleon Skin Weave
Outlaw Tech: someone had to design and manufacture the militia's drone swarm and the Yakuza's new fleet of Ekranoplan blockade runners.
1 HD 2 AP
Pistol (1d4), HERF Gun (CON test or cyberware fails until repaired), stab vest, Computer Brain, array of complicated tools, likely d3 allied drones
Pirate: with the fish drowning in toxic waste and the Navy shortly to follow, shoals of dispossessed coastal folk take up arms and return to the age-old tradition of robbing passing yacht-owners blind. 
3 HD 4 AP
Automatic Rifle (2d4), Machete (2d4), armour vest, Filtration System, HP 30 AP 2 fast boat, surveillance drone
Psychotic Cyborg: The warnings of every Cyberpunk RPG went unheeded - too late did the zaibatsus wake up to the dangers of unrestricted commercial arm-lopping and brain-replacin'
6 HD 6 AP
Comically oversized rifle (2d10), comically oversized sword (2d8), Bone Enhancement, Cybernetic Arms, Cybernetic Eyes, Dermal Flesh Weave, Filtration System, immune to all mind affecting effects, intimidation, emotion, etc...
Police PreCog: how else did the police know about the heist in advance? Why else are Samantha Morton inspired "future prophet" haircuts back in fashion?
4 HD 2 AP
Pistol (1d10), Taser (CON test or stunned for 1d4 rounds), police issue bullet proof vest, level four psychic powers: Clairvoyance, Precognition, Telepathy, Thought Blocker
Police Section 9: every street punk dreams of the day they finally spook the government enough for the elite cyber-terrorism unit to be mobilised - for the day the glamorous cyborg cops of Section 9 put aside their normal duties (intriguing against other Sections...) and come for you. How else would you know you've made it?
7 HD 8 AP
Bullpup Rifle w/Targeting System (2d8), full conversion cyborg body w/Bone Enhancement, Chameleon Skin Weave, Computer Brain, Cybernetic Arms, Cybernetic Eyes, Cybernetic Ears, Dermal Weave System, Enhanced Immunity, Filtration System and Nanites. Police uniform.
Police SWAT: after "the incident" the police decided you were worth their special attention: cop pre-cogs located your squat and sent in the breaching team. SWAT teams: they come to you!
4 HD 4 AP
Compact Rifle w/Targeting System (1d10), Breaching Shotgun (1d10, Advantage vs doors and barricades), Taser (CON test or stunned for 1d4 rounds), 3x Flashbangs (DEX test or stunned for 1d4 rounds), NVGs, heavy police armour, can force Disadvantage on player's Initiative roll.
Psychic Hustler: living on the mean streets of the big sprawl, the psychic hustler survives only by her wits, her moxy and her self taught brain-mentalism.
2 HD 1 AP
Pistol (1d6), Knife (1d6), hard-wearing clothes, level two psychic powers: Invisibility, Cure Light Wounds, Telepathy
Radical Transhumanist: also known as Lobsters, the transhuman vanguard has embraced a bright post-human future covered in extra arms, chainsaw feet and stereo-eyes.
4 HD 8 AP
Implanted neo-Blades (2x attacks, 1d10) Smart Pistol /Targeting System cyberware (1d10), armoured full 'borg body with 6 cyberware systems in addition to those already noted.
Rat King: there are worse things than giant albino man-hunting alligators in the sewers, my friend.

6 HD
Bite (1d3, 4 attacks), rat swarm (ranged attack, d6+d8), level six psychic powers: Hold Person, Telekinesis, Mind Control, Feeble Mind, Sleep, Shield, darkvision, cannot move
Riot Cop: Not intelligent enough for the street division or disciplined enough for the army? The riot squad needs you!
2 HD 6 AP
Heavy club (1d6), riot armour w/gas mask and transparent shield. Can make two attacks against unarmed targets, and three attacks against targets not fighting back
Ronin Soldier: deserters from corporate wars or survivors of failed states, dispossessed soldiers are easily recruited by syndicates, cults and mega-corporations, or else turn bandit in the wastelands.
3 HD 4 AP
Rifle (2d4), D3 other military weapons, tattered military equipment
Scavenger: Increasing numbers of feral ecogees prowl the desiccated high plains, desperate for coywolf meat.
2 HD 1 AP
Rusty Fire Axe (1d6), hardy clothing, binoculars, water skin, 2x antitoxin doses, extra 1d6 damage against injured enemies
Segurança: when RFID tracker-tagged goods are stolen, satellite angels in the sky track them across the sprawl. Thieves have only a short time to remove the tracers before the freelance Angels arrive to seize their ill-gotten gains (from Ian McDonald's Brazyl)
2 HD 4 AP
Submachine gun (d6), taser (CON test vs 1d4 rounds stun) helmet with sat-link, high performance motorbike, heavy leather with kevlar inlay

Sewer Gator: the terror of the mole people, lurking in darkness.
3 HD 1 AP
Toothy maw (2d6), darkvision, advantage on move silently checks in water, natural armour
"Soldier in a Secret Army:" deniable "little green men" head into enemy territory to spread chaos and dissent. The gap between peace and war has never been so narrow.
4 HD 4 AP
Automatic Smart-Rifle (d10), Ceramic Knife (d10), Kevlar Vest, Bag of varied clothing, Chameleon Poncho (Advantage on saves to hide/go unnoticed for 6 rounds), NVG Goggles, Protein Rations, Computer Brain, Cybernetic Ears,  military grade smart-phone, laser designator linked to mortar battery or orbiting drone: can guide (D20) close blast to a target - arrives in D3+2 turns
Spartan: obsessed with the Hobbesean notion that Man is Wolf to Man, Spartans edit out their weaknesses to thrive in such a world - and in doing so, become the very bastards they hoped to survive.
8 HD 4 AP
Automatic Smart-Rifle (3d6), Dao Sword (3d6), Bone Enhancement, Voice Modulator, Enhanced Immunity, Sleep Regulator. Does not possess recognisably human emotions and is immune to all emotional/charm etc effects
Street Samurai: appropriating the zen ideal for the new era, enhanced warriors stalk the new Warring States of North America.
6 HD 6 AP
Katana (d6+d8), PDW (d6+d8), 4x Frag Grenades, Cybernetic Eyes, Dermal Weave Flesh, Targeting System, Emotion Suppressor
Survivalist: why live in an insane society when you can buy some cheap green-tech and live in the woods like a king? Cultural separatism for the 2030s!
2 HD 4 AP
Scoped Hunting Rifle (d6), Scalping Blade (d6), Kevlar w/Ghillie Suit (Disadvantage to see hiding target in countryside), Nanites, Filtration System
Terrorist: drones and chemical fabricators make mass casualties more achievable for the teenage egoist than ever.
3 HD 4 AP
Automatic Rifle (2d4), Kevlar Vest, 2x Demolition Charges OR Respirator & 4x gas grenades (CON vs d10 damage, close blast), Cybernetic Ears
Thrill Kill Kultist: in their secret gaming cabal bunker, FASA and R Talsorian concluded every cyberpunk setting needs a gang of inexplicably dangerous killer clowns. And so it came to pass.
5 HD
Chainsword (d12, double damage on 19-20), Harlequin Suit, Adrenal Enhancement
Vampire Posers: wealthy kids prowl the slums, leaving the young and vulnerable exsanguinated on the back streets.
4 HD
Katana (d10), expensive suit with chameleon weave (disadvantage to hit w/ranged weapons when active), Adrenal Enhancers, Nanites, Pheromones, Sleep Regulator
Veteran of the Psychic Wars: stumbling out of the mind fields and back into the straight world, psionic veterans struggle to reintegrate into society.
3 HD 2 AP
PI’s revolver (2d4), Digital Camera, Thieves Tools, Level 2 Psychic Powers: Precognition, Sleep, Thought Blocker
Vice Squad Renegade: rogue undercover cops act as co-opted mercenaries for corporations and criminals alike.
4 HD 4 AP
Submachine Gun w/Suppressor (d10), 3x Flashbangs, Cellular Interceptor, bag of drugs, Cybernetic Ears, Cybernetic Eyes, Enhanced Immunity, Voice Modulator
Vigilante: in a time of social chaos and autocracy, sociopathic bigots take it upon themselves to enforce the law - their law.
2 HD 2 AP
Shotgun (d6), Steel Murderin’ Club (d6), Heavy Leather Jacket, Respirator, 2x Healing Stim
War-Dop: enhanced dolphins prowl the streets of flooded cities, hunting the smugglers and the pirates and the polluters.
4 HD 6 AP
Armoured Linear Frame w/optional on land locomotion system, guided micro-torpedo launchers (d10, disadvantage to avoid underwater) OR water-adapted SMG (d10), Filtration System, Targeting System, Computer Brain

Here's the link to the google doc, all picture free and printable. Peace and love!

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