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Cyberpunk 2020 PreGens: Solos

Welcome to part 2 of my Cyberpunk 2020 pre-gen project. Once again, this post will provide three pre-generated characters and a whole bunch of contact and adventure hooks to go with them. Next time we want to run a Cyberpunk 2020 game on G+ at short notice, sorting out characters won't take an hour!

Last time, we covered arguably the least popular role in the Corebook, the Rockerboy. This time, we're all about Solos. Below, you'll find the Smooth Operator, the Pointman and the Professional. All of them are hardened, effective killers. 

As before, the characters below are mostly RAW (Rules As Written), drawing skills and equipment from the Corebook alone. 

A few things that aren't RAW:

1. Rather than spend hours picking equipment and cyberware, I've given everyone a fairly balanced array of gear based on the "Quick and Dirty" character generation guide.

2. Everyone gets 20 pick-up skill points, regardless of their INT and REF scores.

Each character begins with 60 Attribute Points and 60 Skill Points (40 Career Points and 20 Pick-Up Points).

I haven't rolled the dice for Humanity Loss or the Lifepath tables. Leave that to the players! 


The Solo: Cyberpunk 2020's classic Cyber-Enhanced Murder-Bastard (CEMB), played by just about everyone at some point (admit it!). Genre examples include Molly in Neuromancer, Sarah in Hardwired and zen-inflected cyber-enhanced murder-bastard Etienne Stewart in Voice of the Whirlwind (my personal favourite). 

And then there's film. Bonus points if it was directed by Luc Besson! Nikita, Leon/The Professional, District 13...

There are a couple of good Solo films not made by Luc Besson. Ghost Dog, Way of the Samurai is superior to all of them. Even better, one of the main characters can only speak French, which means it could have been made by Luc Besson.

The less said about that bog-spawned abomination Taken, the better.

This post includes three pre-generated Solos.

The Smooth Operator is fast. Really, really fast. S/he has the Social skills to blend into any crowd, the Awareness/Notice to identify any threat, and the speedware and Combat Sense to outdraw any opponent. S/he could just as easily be a super-spy.

The Pointman takes on the jobs where the milspec tech comes out to play. A mercenary, an armoured tank, a rifleman. A Solo to fight an all-out Corporate War in those campaigns where armour and automatic weapons are the norm, not the exception.  

The Professional is an urban hitman. S/he relies on stealth to case and enter target buildings and a multitude of skills to stalk and kill targets. 

And once again, scroll to the bottom of the post for a collection of contacts and antagonists for Solo/Street Samurai style characters in any cyberpunk setting!

The Smooth Operator is a stylish, sociable killer comfortable moving through high society. S/he could be a bodyguard or a "super-spy" or a movie assassin. S/he can perform as the Face in situations where the party doesn't have a dedicated fixer. 

The Smooth Operator is fast. Really fast. S/he needs to be. The other two characters often enter combat with a degree of planning or at least expectation. The Smooth Operator has to react quickly to sudden threats - hidden assassins, deals gone bad, dark betrayals. Bodyguards look out of place with rocket propelled grenade launchers. A spy will be noticed if he's carrying an assault rifle. It's hard to smoothly seduce someone while dressed in an SP50 hardsuit.

So the Smooth Operator carries an unobtrusive pistol. He aims to draw first, shoot first and drop the target before she can shoot back. Combat Sense makes her seem almost superhuman. Speedware removes the "almost." 

And yes, s/he invested in Skin Weave. Sometimes cyborg assassins just don't know when to fail a Stun/Shock save!



INT: 6 REF: 10 COOL: 7 TECH: 5 LK: 4 ATT: 7 MA: 7 EMP: 7 BT: 7

SAVE: 7 BTM: -2


Combat Sense: 8
Awareness/Notice (INT): 8 
Handgun (REF): 9 
Martial Arts (Thai Kick-Boxing) (REF): 8
Weaponsmith (TECH): 1
Athletics (REF): 2
Submachinegun (REF): 2
Stealth (REF): 2


Wardrobe and Style (ATTR): 3
Personal Grooming (ATTR): 2
Human Perception (EMP): 4
Seduction (EMP): 3
Resist Torture/Drugs (COOL): 3
Drive (REF): 2
Motorcycle (REF): 2
First Aid (INT): 1


Cellphone, Mastoid Commo, Motorcycle, Interface Cables

2x Businessware Outfit
1x High Fashion Outfit
Shoulder Holster


Small Rented Apartment

Smartlinked Sternmeyer Type 35 Pistol
P 0 J C 3d6(11mm) 8 2 VR
6 spare magazines, 160 rounds.

Smartlinked Colt AMT Model 2000
P 0 J C 4D6+1 (12mm) 8 1 VR
3 spare magazines, 160 rounds


Basic Processor, Smartgun Link, Vehicle Link, Sandevistan Speedware, Chipware Socket, Interface Plugs (2d6+5+(2d6/2) Humanity Cost)

Skin Weave (2d6 Humanity Cost)

At some point in the future the Smooth Operator might want to invest in a Katana and some fencing lessons, to fit in with the Corporate Set...


The Pointman is a soldier in the corporate wars. S/he's designed for the sort of games where characters roll around dusty cities in tin-plated SUVs, taking fire from drones and AK-toting militia alike. A smart-linked Ronin gives her the fire-power to quickly drop anyone who steps into her firing arc; her highly trained, highly experienced Combat Sense means she'll drop many enemies before they've even raised their weapon.

Soldiers in combat don't need to worry much about how they look or how they smell. There isn't any reason for the Pointman not to cover herself in heavy armour.

Neither is there much reason for the character to worry about civilian weapons law. Any drone or 'borg coming for her is going to get introduced to the business end of an underslung grenade launcher!



INT: 6 REF: 8 COOL: 7 TECH: 7 LK: 4 ATT: 5 MA: 8 EMP: 7 BT: 8

SAVE: 8 BTM: -3


Combat Sense: 8
Awareness/Notice (INT): 8 
Handgun (REF): 2 
Brawl (REF): 2
Melee (REF): 3
Weaponsmith (TECH): 3
Rifle (REF): 8
Athletics (REF): 3
Stealth (REF): 3


Heavy Weapons (REF): 5
Personal Grooming (ATTR): 1
Resist Torture/Drugs (COOL): 2
Drive (REF): 3
First Aid (INT): 5
Endurance (BOD): 3
Swimming (BOD): 2


Cellphone, Mastoid Commo, Interface Cables, First Aid Kit

Targeting Scope, Anti-Dazzle, Digital Camera, Infrared

2x Streetware Outfit
Equipment Web

SP20 Nylon Helmet
SP20 Flack Pants
SP20 Flack Vest (+1 EV)


Smartlinked Militech Ronin
RIF +1 N C 5d6(5.56 caseless) 35 30 VR
4 spare magazines, 280 rounds. Shoulder Sling

Grenade Launcher
HVY 0 N R [as grenade] 1 1 ST

Kendachi Monoknife
Melee +1 P P 2d6 NA NA VR 1m

3x Fragmentation (7d6)
3x Stun (-5 to Stun)
3x Dazzle (Blind for 4 turns)
1x Incendiary (4d6 for 3 rounds)


Basic Processor, Smartgun Link, Vehicle Link, Interface Plugs (2d6+5 Humanity Cost) 

Toxin Binders, Enhanced Antibodies, Nasal Filters (2d6/2+2 Humanity Cost)


The Professional is a stealthy assassin. Think Leon. Think The Jackal. He has the stealth skills to case the target, the security skills to enter unnoticed, and the disguise skills to walk away after the fact. He excels when he has time to carefully plan his entry, and makes a fine partner to a Prowler or other corporate thief. A 12mm SMG is more concealable than a rifle while still more than capable of putting down most of the opposition - the Professional deals with guards by evading them, not by shooting through their MetalGear(tm).

More than any of the other characters here, the Professional could benefit from a trip through the Chromebooks or Autumn Blade. The Corebook doesn't provide a sniper rifle (unless you count the 20mm monster firing DPU rounds...). The Professional can do a lot of awful, awful things in a dark city with a sniper rifle and Stealth 8.

After that, go looking for some of the wonderful stealth gear scattered throughout the Cyberpunk 2020 canon. Anything to help you get that beautiful +5 ambush bonus!



INT: 8 REF: 9 COOL: 6 TECH: 8 LK: 4 ATT: 5 MA: 7 EMP: 7 BT: 6

SAVE: 6 BTM: -2


Combat Sense: 4
Awareness/Notice (INT): 6 
Martial Art (Tae Kwon Do) (REF): 5
Melee (REF): 1
Weaponsmith (TECH): 3
Submachine Gun (REF): 7
Rifle (REF): 4
Athletics (REF): 2
Stealth (REF): 8


Heavy Weapons (REF): 1
Demolitions (TECH): 3
Disguise (TECH): 3
Electronic Security (TECH): 5
Drive (REF): 3
Hide/Evade (INT): 3
First Aid (INT): 2


Cellphone, Mastoid Commo, Interface Cables, First Aid Kit, generic Sedan

Binoglasses with IR Lenses and Digital Camera
Electronics Toolkit
B&E Tools
30ft Rope

24 Striptape Binders

5x Streetware Outfit
Long Coat
Nylon Carrybag

SP14 Light Armour Jacket


Smartlinked H&K MPK-11
SMG 0 L C 4d6+1(12mm caseless) 30 20 VR
4 spare magazines, 240 rounds. Detachable Suppressor 

3x Dazzle Grenades (Blind for 4 turns)


Basic Processor, Smartgun Link, Machine/Tech Link, Interface Plugs (2d6+4 Humanity Cost) 

Cyberaudio w/ Radio Link, Phone Splice, Scrambler, Sound Editing, Bug Detector, Amplified Hearing, Level Damper, Enhanced Hearing Range, Homing Tracer (2d6+7 Humanity Cost)


Kronin: tall, blonde, nose like a hawk, cold metal cyber-eyes, sharp suit. Assumes a sort of zen amorality, speed-wired mindfulness. Rival, partner and corporate fixer.

Moazzam: ex-military (which military isn't clear) tank crew with a severe case of irradiation and chemical burns, compensated for with ever-increasing cyberware. Has become something of an expert in tinkering with cheap 'ware, and now makes a good living fixing, modding and upgrading cyber for secretive clients. 

Dharma: runs a (3d) print shop with a room in the back. Has subverted the anti-piracy/anti-weapons detection systems on her printers and produces firearms to order. Mainly produces rifles designed in Iran, Greece and the South-China Christian Autonomy for production with simple feedstocks in tough conditions. This ironically means it's easier to get an automatic rifle in 5.56 cased than a more modern, potentially street legal caseless pistol.

Milekos: former fascist fought in the Greek Civil War, had a political epiphany after being hit in the head with an electrolaser. Went neutral, left Europe, trains 'runners in Heavy Weapons and Brawling. Amiable, loyal guy who will reveal himself to be a closet racist at the worst possible moment. 

Wind: fencing tutor to the corporate bodyguard school. Helps Solos wield ceremonial mono-Katanas without looking like idiots. Refreshingly bullshit free when discussing the combat worth of a sword when faced with a 12mm subcompact at medium range.

Fierly: skeevy "bank" for the violent 'runner community. Not nearly as competent at his job as he seems, although he has good contracts across the underworld. Classic post-industrial nerd looks.

Zona: quartermaster for the local (chronically underfunded) national military base. Blatantly selling weapons out of the armoury and redistributing the proceeds to the unpaid grunts with the knowing complicity of the officers. Absolutely beloved by her troops.

Skanderbeg: representative of a European smuggling cartel in town for less than a week. Fully capable of completely upending the local criminal balance of power if someone doesn't put a bullet through him. Covered in boosted muscle, steroid pumps and skinweave. Looks like an Arnie-wannabe.

Casavel: Sao Paulo gang leader on the run. Making a nice living as a local solo. Likes submachineguns and lightweight surveillance drones, extravagant tattoos. Unaware that the electronic bounty hunters know his location and have already made discreet payments to local contacts.

Lieutenant Trayler: local commander of NC-SWAT/MAX-TAC anti-cyborg team. Perennially bored adrenaline addict will intentionally escalate tense situations into violent confrontations in order to get his kicks. His cyber-psychotic/combat drug doped troops don't care, or actively approve. 

Sondra: anti-Triad vigilante, ex-corporate soldier with significant speedware and cult-like charisma. Slowly amassing a small force of like-minded individuals to fight the local organised crime syndicate using sniper rifles, nail-bombs and toy shop surveillance drones.

Hiram: elderly Yiddish thief was a master of breaking through electronic security systems. Maintains his post-pension, post-prison lifestyle training the youth how to deal with suburban electronic fortifications. Perpetually frustrated with everybody around him.


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